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                    January 2020 NEWSLETTER

The Galetta Tribune. January 2020 Newsletter

“Second in circulation only to the New York Times”


Yup it's exactly what it sounds like folks and we are doing it again (because enough of us survived the first two pot lucks that we had). Actually, this is a great way to break up the winter blues, meet your neighbors down the street and BE A SUPPORTER OF YOUR LOCAL FOOD BANK.. We do have a small glitch this year in that the event is not going to be catered because the Woman Institute has disbanded. This means we may have to all pitch in a little bit with prep and clean up.  Nothing too scary. This is going to be an interesting experiment, much like some of the dishes being served. PLEASE BRING A DONATION FOR THE FOOD BANK (FOOD OR CASH), along with your favourite dish.  Entertainment after eating is going to be a game of “Tribal Pursuit” which is much like Trivial Pursuit but this time we are pitting family against family (or table against table). Prizes will be awarded. TUESDAY JAN. 21st is the date to remember. Doors open at 5:30 and hopefully we will be sitting down to eat by 6:30.

Kudos and Thanks.

I have been remiss in my duties. A huge thank-you goes out to all the volunteers who helped with the Nov. euchres every Thurs evening. Because of their valiant efforts each and every Thurs night tournament goes off without a hitch. And yes, folks we are going to be doing it all again in Feb. 2020 for your entertainment and because we are gluttons for punishment.

Cookie Exchange.

Not to be forgotten are the ladies who staged the Cookie Exchange. Carol Lacroix and Lana Dean did wonderful job of putting this all together and ensuring that everyone had a good time.

The Pool/Billiards Club.

Pool/billiards will be played every Monday evening. The doors will be open at approx. 7:00 and we will play until we are tired or until 10:00, whichever comes first.

Skating Rink.

The Galetta Rink will be open soon, weather permitting. We are aiming for the Christmas/ Holiday school break.

Galetta History.

Did you know that Galetta was first established in 1823, yes we have been around that long. Galetta was first called Hubbell Falls. It was James Steen who first harnessed the power of the Mississippi River and build a grist mill. James Galetti Whyte (that is not is misprint his middle name was Galetti) started a woolen mill at the falls. The name was later changed to Galetta after Whyte’s mother's name. By the 1870’s the village included a store, a grist mill, a woolen mill, a carding and spinning mill, a shingle mill, a potash works  and a cooperage was on the island in the Mississippi River. [See the GALETTA HISTORY  tab for more local history]


President: David Jefferies           613-623-4579

Vice President: Norm Ross         613-878-1566

Treasurer: Pat Rose                    613-623-8901

Secretary: Sandra Fletcher         613-623-2852

Hall Rentals: Barb Jowett           613-797-8957

Hall Maintenance: Norm Ross    613-878-1566

Membership: Peter Shoup         613-623-3562


Directors:              Helen Dean

                             Eleanor Wallace

                             Colin Crowe

                             Marsha McGowan

                             Russell Oatman

Carol Lacroix

Debbie Elliott



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