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Eli Came, Eli Saw, He Conquered

We were very fortunate to have Eli El-Chantiry come out to our February meeting. It was fun to watch Eli work the room with his years of experience as our city councillor and his vast knowledge of the workings of city hall shining through. For all those in attendance we learnt that there is a vast array of programs available to us from the City. An unexpected side benefit was that attendees make new contacts and networked with others.


Western Ottawa Community Resource Center

Never heard of this before? It would be a good idea to check them out and see what they have to offer. Go to or call them at 613 591 2501. Huge thanks to Amanda Labbe for giving up her evening to speak to us and inform us of her center and what they do.


Good Deeds

I have been reminded (people are so gracious and always remind me of things I should be doing, or better, yet telling me where to go) that people are unaware of the good work our association does. Yes, we actually do more than sit around and argue with each other, We do try to do some good in the community. Last year we were able to donate $500 to the West Carleton Food Bank. Now there is a well run and worthy operation that unfortunately is way to busy. Our hats are off to you.    A L S. O

Last year we were able to donate another $500 to theArnprior Regional Health Authority. A worthy cause that we have supported over past years. Our appreciation for all the good work they do.


Ice Rink – Was well used and is now closed due to Spring weather.

This was a horrendous year with the staff mounting superhuman efforts at least three different occasions to resurrect the ice. However, we managed to pull it off and once again this year the ice in Galetta was one of the best in the area and ready for Christmas, a Galetta tradition.



Sad to say no longer will the cry "I'm going alone!"  be heard again till next November. Thank you to all the volunteers who put this together and made it the success that it was. Special thanks to Colin who must be doing a good job as there were no fist fights or brawls. (Ahhhhh for the good old days)


March Meeting

The March meeting will be held on March 30th the 5th Monday in March instead of the 4th because of scheduling conflicts. Important!!! We will be discussing the up-coming rummage sale. So please come on out, we will be talking about organization, volunteers and anyone who can come to us with fresh ideas or input is more than welcome. This event is in danger of being cancelled because we have to few members to run it.


So, if you have got this far in the newsletter it means you have been in the bathroom way too long and that knocking you hear at the door is not opportunity but someone else wanting to get in. Till next time I bid you Adieu.